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Your questions - Our answers

Here are some of the most common questions answered directly by us!

What costs do I have to expect for direct heating?
Infrared heating as direct heating?

In this section, you will find the answer to your question. If you need help or your question could not be answered, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact options can be found here. We are happy to answer your questions. Sometimes a short conversation helps to solve things.

Your team from TECHNOTHERM


General questions

Why electric heater?

Very easy to answer. Look here!

Which electric wall heater is the best?

There is a special solution for every application. There are bathroom heaters, wall convectors, electric storage heaters or infrared heaters. Ask us for your specific problem.

Is the article in stock?

When the inventory is displayed, the item is in stock. You can see this in our spare parts shop at, or ask us here.

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time is usually 2-5 working days. Than it will be shipped out to your country. If you need an exact answer for you - ask here!

What is the surface temperature of different devices?

This varies depending on the device. Please write us a short message or call us, then we can give you a precise information.

Our "kindergarten heating" TT-KS LT e.g. has a surface temperature of about 60 ° C.

Do I get spare parts for old equipment from you?

We still have spare parts inventory for most devices. Please write us a short message or call us, then we can give you a precise information.

You can also visit our replacement shop at There are some (not all!) Spare parts to find.

How much power do I need for in different rooms, e.g. Bedroom living room?

Every room, apartment or house is different in need. Please write us a short message or call us, then we can give you a precise information.


Which electric heater is cheap in consumption?

This question is easy to answer. That depends on your regulation. If an electric heater runs 24 hours around the clock, your heater also consumes 24 hours of electricity - which is expensive and wasteful. The control and the structure is the A & O in an electric heater. At TECHNOTHERM we have chosen the best control of our heaters. The DSM thermostat even detects open windows and then turns the temperature down. Here you can find more information.

A small example:

For the heating of a detached house with 150 m²(new building) the power consumption is about 4500 kilowatt hours (rounded up).

The calculation of the heating load according to the area and the specific heat requirement:

Heating load [kW] = area [m²] * spec. Heat requirement [W / m²]

Costs: 4500 kW (rounded up) x 28c = 12600 € (without suitable regulation - such as detection of open windows etc.)


The following values can be used for the specific heat requirement.

10 W / m² passive house
15 - 30 W / m² ultra-low energy house (three-liter house)
25 - 40 W / m² low energy house
15 - 30 W / m² KfW Efficiency House 70
30 - 35 W / m² KfW-Effizienzhaus 100
30 - 35 W / m² building according to EnEV 2009
40 - 60 W / m² building according to EnEV 2002
40 - 60 W / m² building according to heat protection ordinance of 1995
60 - 100 W / m² Building according to heat protection ordinance of 1982
70 - 130 W / m² Building according to heat protection ordinance of 1977
130 - > 200 W / m² building without thermal insulation from before 1977

Which electric heater heats best?

That can not be answered flat rate. The place of use and the purpose of use therefore play a decisive role. However, pay attention to a good regulation and a high-quality structure, then that is very crucial. Electric heaters from the hardware store can not be compared with our high quality appliances. These are often from the Middle East and are available for € 30 -60€. This can not be a good and long-lasting product.

We produce exclusively in Germany and use durable components and provide first-class customer service. We are happy to advise you here:

Why electric heating?

There are many arguments for or against electric heating. Gladly advise you here, or look at our arguments.

Electric heating - How many watts per m²?

That depends entirely on the insulation of your rooms. A rough guideline is:


New building: approx. 40-50 W / m²

desired room temperatur   18° 20° 24°
Year of construction of the house till 1982 111,6 W/m2 121,6 W/m2 141,7 W/m2
Year of construction of the house 1983 till1994 90,9 W/m2 99,2 W/m2 115,9 W/m2
Year of construction of the house from1995 73,9 W/m2 80,8 W/m2 94,5 W/m2

It is best to consult here.

Which electric heater uses less electricity

Every electric heater needs electricity. If the heating is not regulated, it consumes a lot of electricity. Our heaters are equipped with various thermostats. These recognize an open window or whether a person is present in the room. This saves a lot of power and protects your wallet. Ask us about our thermostats  here.

Which electric heater is most efficient?

The electric current is almost 100% converted into electrical heat. But that has nothing to do with efficiency. The true quality lies in the processing of the electric heating, the use of the best materials and in the regulation of the heaters. Convince yourself of our quality MADE IN GERMANY.

Electric heater for bathroom?

Very easy to answer. Look here!

Electric heater for bedroom?

We have several solutions for this.

You also can ask us and we will provide you with the best solution for you!

Are electric heater economical?

Yes they are, but.....

  • you need a good thermostat
    • check out our DSM-Thermostat with open window function and much more
  • you need high quality made in Germay by TECHNOTHERM