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Arguments for electric heating

Arguments for heating with electricity

Feel good through the warmth created from electricity

There are many advantages to heating with electricity compared to alternative heating systems.

Fashionable electric heating systems are able to offer you great thermal comfort and convenient control options. Our heaters are easy and quick to install and almost completely maintenance-free. The purchase can be inexpensive and saves you the worry of future servicing of any fuel boiler. In addition, electric heaters are flexible in size and and can therefore also be space-saving.

Automatic programmable control functions save you having to independently adjust the heating in the event of temperature changes. The system detects when heat is needed and at what time of day.


Heating with electricity is easy, fast and environmentally friendly! Simply plug in the heater and you're ready to go. Enjoy a healthy room climate: Since electric heaters run without fuel OR GAS, you are spared the inconvenience from annoying dirt, ash, dust and unpleasant odors. In addition, heating with electricity is clean and can be environmentally friendly. 

Within our vast product range, you will be able to find the heating system that is best suited to your individual needs.