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Where is the future heading?

We are prepared!

Title: Technotherm: Ready for the future with robot-controlled bending cell

Hello dear readers,

Today we would like to proudly tell you about our innovation: The robotic bending cell at Technotherm. As a leading company in the manufacture of electric heaters, we have always focused on adapting our products to current requirements. With the robot-controlled bending cell, we are setting another milestone on our way into the future.

What is a robot-controlled bending cell? You may have heard of robots being used in manufacturing to automate tasks. At Technotherm, we have applied this concept to our production line to further increase efficiency and flexibility. Our bending cell is controlled by a powerful robot that performs precise bending operations to shape the components of our electric heaters.

The benefits of this innovation are many. The robot control enables us to quickly and easily adapt our production to current requirements. We can programme the bending cell to produce different models and sizes of electric heaters without the need for major conversions or manual adjustments. This allows us to produce flexibly and efficiently to meet our customers' needs.

In addition to flexibility, the robotic bending cell also offers high precision. The robot can bend the components with exceptional accuracy, resulting in consistent quality of our products. Every electric heater that leaves our production facility meets our high quality standards and ensures reliable and effective heating performance.

In addition, the automation provided by the bending cell allows us to increase production capacity. The robot works precisely and efficiently around the clock, allowing us to maximise our manufacturing capacity. This means we are able to produce larger quantities of electric heaters faster and more efficiently than ever before to meet the increasing demand from our customers.

At Technotherm, we pride ourselves on always adapting our production to meet demand. The introduction of the robotic bending cell is another step towards sustainability and innovation. We continuously invest in the latest technologies to provide our customers with the best products and solutions.

The robiter-controlled bending cell is not only a technological advance, but also a sign of our commitment to offer environmentally friendly heating solutions. Our electric heaters help reduce CO2 emissions and are a sustainable solution for years to come.

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