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Smart Heating

What does "smart heating" mean?

Is this the future?

Does smart heating mean the future? We say yes, because saving energy is becoming increasingly important and smart heating helps us to do this. With this type of heating, the intelligent control takes over everything you can forget. When you leave the house, the app turns down the heating, for example, and when a window is opened, the device stops. This saves money and is good for the climate. With Smart Heating, you combine the best aspects of centralised and decentralised heating systems by controlling the individual temperatures in individual rooms from a single control point.


"Smart Heating" is nevertheless not limited to app control. A number of other innovative functions such as motion detection, self-learning programming and voice control are also part of it. Modern electric heaters make all this possible and help to reduce your heating costs.

Download the latest version of the TECHNOTHERM App to control your heating.




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