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Electric towel dryers from Technotherm

Features and differences of electric heated towel rails from Technotherm


Towel racks are a practical matter for bathrooms. They offer a convenient storage solution for your towels and at the same time ensure that they are pleasantly warm and dry. In recent years, electric towel dryers have not only become cheaper, but also more stylish. From small rails under the window to sophisticated glass panel heaters, there is something for every bathroom, regardless of size. This article highlights the options currently available at Technotherm.


Chrome towel rails


When you think of electrically heated towel rails, a shiny chrome heater with a polished surface will probably come to your mind first. Chrome towel racks are the ubiquitous bathroom heater and offer a flawless aesthetic that exudes sophistication. If you are looking for a heater that looks good in just about any room, a chrome towel rack is just the thing. They are exceptionally versatile when it comes to complementing interior designs and they go perfectly with all other chrome fittings in your bathroom. Chrome towel dryers are probably the first choice of most people when it comes to heating their bathroom and towels. However, it is worth noting that chrome is more prone to water and fingerprints. This is not a particularly problematic issue, but they can look a bit scruffy if they are not wiped regularly.


White towel rails

White towel rails are a popular alternative to chrome.They offer a neutral, clean aesthetic that is great for any modern or traditional bathroom decor. In contrast to chrome, they achieve a somewhat softer appearance. For example, white towel racks are great for earth tones bathrooms, especially when combined with stone tiles, as they can help create a relaxed and soothing feeling. An additional advantage of white towel rails is that they are slightly more efficient than chrome because their powder-coated surfaces are less insulating. It's not a big difference in efficiency and shouldn't hold you back from the chrome options if you like them better. However, it's a nice little bonus if you choose a white electric towel rail.


Towel heater made of glass

HR Dream Varianten

Glass towel heaters are a complete departure from the bar design that we are all familiar with. These electric towel dryers have an elegant, high-tech appearance. Instead of using heated rails, these electric bathroom heaters use a large, flat, glass-clad area to effectively heat your towels. Glass towel heaters from Technotherm are an absolute must for modern bathrooms and are guaranteed to attract attention as soon as you come through the door. Not only are they a striking centerpiece in terms of their design: their colored glass can also help create a striking visual contrast that enhances your interior design.


Rapid heater with towel rails

DTH im Bad

Another alternative to the traditional towel rail dryers are rapid heaters with towel rails. Rapid heaters make perfect sense, especially in bathrooms, where short stays are typical. They are also often the cheapest option to get effective bathroom heating and a towel dryer in your bathroom at the same time. The DTH rapid heater from Technotherm with brackets in white and as a mirror variant are high-quality but still reasonably priced models of this type of heating.


Stylish, efficient towel rails

Our electric towel racks are an effective and convenient way to keep your bathroom and your towels warm. At you will find all common sizes, power levels and many different models to find exactly the right towel dryer for your bathroom.




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